How are your ARMS and CUPS?  ARMS and CUPS are a way for students to revise and edit their writing pieces.  Please review with your child.  Thanks!

REVISE                                                  VS.                                         EDIT

ARMS                                                     VS.                                         CUPS  

Add:  Sentences and words                                          Capitalization: names, places, months, titles, I

Remove:  Unneeded words                                           Usage: match nouns/verbs correctly

                 and sentences                                               Punctuation: periods, quotes, commas,

Move:  Change a sentence or                                                             question marks, exclamation

            word placement                                                                        points

 Substitute: trade words or sentences                            Spelling:  check all words; use dictionary

                                                                                                      for others                                                                                      if needed


Students should be reading every night (Monday-Thursday) for 30 minutes.  Their reading should be recorded on their reading logs and then initial by an adult.

Students may bring in a pillow to keep at school in the classroom for independent reading time.  I have several pillows and camping chairs, but some students may want to have their own.  These items will need to remain at school during the week.  Please no blankets or stuffed animals.