Important Information

Lunch Time:   11:35 - 12:05


Monday - Music

Tuesday - Media

Thursday - PE

Friday - Art


This year, all students at McAlpine Elementary will be using the same Behavior Chart.  All students will begin on Green "Ready to Learn" and will have the opportunity to move their clip up and down based on their choices and behaviors.  Each color has a dollar value and students will collect money daily.  On Friday, students will have the opportunity to cash in for a reward or keep their money for larger rewards.  Your child should record their money value for each day in their agenda. 

Outstanding - $7.00

Great Job - $6.00

Good Day - $5.00

Ready to Learn - $4.00

Think About It - $3.00

Teacher's Choice - $2.00

Parent Contact - $1.00

$10 - Pick a Seat at Lunch

$25 - Lunch in the classroom on Friday

$50 - Lunch in any classroom on Friday

$75 - Pick a Seat

$100 - King or Queen for the Day